Sesame seed of Ispica Farm - Gambuzza - Italian Sesame Seed
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23 May 2019
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Sesame seed of Ispica Farm – Gambuzza

    Gambuzza Azienda Agricola

    Gambuzza - Azienda Agricola


    Sesame of Ispica


    The art of sesame: a story of excellences.

    The Gambuzza Antonino farm was established in Ispica, in the south-east of Sicily.
    The company is nowadays specialising in italian sesame seed production, an excellent source of essential minerals.

    Sesame of Ispica

    A Slow Food Presidia product

    Farmed with love and great attention, in plots of land carefully selected, our Sesame is a Slow Food Presidia brand product, well known for its high-quality in the international market.

     Production activity

    The production takes place in Ispica, within a defined area called "Margio" . Due to high temperatures and alluvial soil, this area is the best suited for sesame plant growth and development.


    The sesame sowing is in May, harvested in plots of land located far away from production settlements and intensive cultivations. To ensure a high-quality product, we have decided to avoid using chemicals, following organic methods. For this reason, our production is limited and the harvest is very restrained.


    The plants are left to dry in the sun for a few days.


    Harvest usually takes place in the second half of September.

    Processing techniques

    Production requires specific techniques and great manual skills.
    After sowing, there are different steps of irrigation in order to optimize the plants’ growth.
    Throughout the growth, each plant reaches a height of around 200 centimeters and can produce up to 150 pods. Before the pods have naturally opened, plants are cut manually and left to dry in the sun naturally, then threshed over a cloth to gather the seeds.
    The seeds must then be cleaned using special sieves.

    Production chain

    The quality research leads us to constantly control the chain in order to guarantee a strictly artisan production.


    Today, our company has specialized, beyond production, in the sale of food and cosmetic products.


    The Sesame of Ispica, registered among Slow Food Presìdia, is recognized for its amber color and unique flavor.