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Ispica: the smell of the sea,
the sand under your fingers,
the air, the wind.

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* Until 31-08-2019 The tourist infopoint will welcome you at Palazzo Bruno di Belmonte - 2nd Floor - Municipal Art Gallery. Site of the pictorial exhibition "Sicily the Grand Tour"

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Do you like relaxing on the beach?
Do you prefer trekking in nature?
How about a nice walk among liberty style buildings and baroque churches?
Ispica is the city for you.

Upcoming Events

What to do in Ispica


the Holy Week of Ispica

The most important event of religion, tradition and folklore.
In Ispica from 3 to 12 April 2020.



Guided tours to discover the beauties of Ispica and its surroundings

Jun 01
Sesame of Ispica – Field tour
Gambuzza azienda agricola - c.da Margio
Aug 24
Bikes to the sea!
La casa di Penelope B&B Noleggio Bici Elettriche - via IV Novembre; 40
Aug 25
A Sunday as fishermen
La casa di Penelope B&B Noleggio Bici Elettriche - via IV Novembre; 40


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